How I dealt with the financial cost of 3 sets of braces

Few words strike more fear in parents. Once you notice your child’s bite is misaligned or front teeth are cooked you can have a good idea of what’s coming next. An orthodontist bill that can range anywhere from $3000 to $7000. My youngest daughter recently got the news that she would need a three-stage treatment for crooked treatment. The expected cost looked set to put us back to the stone age in living standards.

Having good orthodontic treatment isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Failure to address severely overcrowded teeth can make then harder to brush and floss over time, along with other issues. Along with that, overbite can cause more strain on the jaw and wear teeth down more. Paying for these treatments though is often well beyond the means of most people, especially if, like me, you’re having to pay for three-stage treatment. Dental insurance rarely covers more than a small percentage of treatment and not few people have the qualifications for special programs.

Adding to all this, improvements in technology are leading to faster detections meaning parents are getting bills handed to them sooner than expected. You can, however, use this early detection to your advantage and begin planning for the costs in the future. More precise treatment means better treatment long term which is the whole point of going through it all.

Consult different orthodontists

The fees from different orthodontist’s car often vary widely. One you’ve been quoted a price it’s a good idea to consult another dentist for their price, or even a third just to get a broad average. These prices are often negotiable and are not set in stone.

Many orthodontists are willing to set up a payment plan so the cost is spread out over several months or years. If this sounds good to you discuss the payment plan with your dentist and establish clearly what the monthly payments would be. Many orthodontists are will to extend payment plans to cover larger costs and post-treatment.

Some orthodontists provide discounts for upfront payments. If this is within your means it’s the best option and will mean everything is out of the way quickly.

Alternative options

If after consulting several orthodontists the price is still beyond your means then fear not there are other options.

Look for a college or university around you that can do treatment at a reduced price. Treatments here are just as high in quality as certified orthodontists. Students in training are carefully supervised by an experienced orthodontist who they check with before starting any treatment. Often you can save as much as two-thirds of the cost by choosing this option.

Insurance coverage

If you do have dental insurance with your job check the policy’s carefully to see what it covers. Often these only cover 25% or at most 50% of treatment but every little helps. If you don’t have dental insurance search for one online and make sure you read the fine print carefully.

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I love snorkeling, but I wear glasses… How do i do it?

Ah, seems like a big pickle loving snorkeling and wearing glasses, isn’t it?  Well, not really.  True, you cannot go into the water with glasses and snorkeling mask.  You have to be able to see if you are going to get inside the water.  Both to enjoy the adventure properly and to stay safe.

There are different ways though, to help you see through your snorkeling mask without a problem.  You might not want to try wearing your glasses with a snorkeling mask.  Remember that your glasses should be at a certain distance from your eyes and a snorkeling mask will push them closer to your eyes.

Wear Prescription Masks

One way to being able to see clearly in water is to get prescription masks.  You need to visit your optician and prescribe you masks with your optical measurements.  Basically, you will get a snorkeling mask prescribed specifically for you.

You could also take a regular lens mask and have your optician change the mask’s original lenses with your proper measurement.  He could also add the augmentation required into the original lenses.

Opticians who can make a lens augmentation can usually do it for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and reading lenses.

Use Optical Masks

Granted, one of the downsides of getting prescription masks is that they are expensive.  If this is your case, you can still find optical masks.  Just like you can go to a store and find glasses with different-graduation lenses, it is the same with these masks.

They might not be made specifically for you but you can find a better match.  This is a much cheaper option and you still get to enjoy the adventure in a good measure.  Keep in mind that water has a natural rough 25% magnification so you should be fine.

Optical masks with pre-made lenses can cost you a little more than $100.  However, prescription masks can be as expensive as several hundred dollars.  It´s all a matter of what makes you more comfortable and how much are you willing (or can afford) to pay.

Contact Lenses

This seems to be the most obvious option for safe snorkeling.  One issue here is that not everyone is comfortable using contact lenses.  Besides this, you have to take extra care not to get the salty water into your eyes.  This might cause irritation to your eyes if sea water gets trapped between your eye and the lens.

Take your precautions if you go for contact lenses.  Always close your eyes when clearing your mask and always try to keep water off them.

Another risk associated with contact lenses is that they might get lost.  Either during the frenzy of coming in and out of the water or during storage in a boat or yacht, the tiny lenses can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Remember to always complement your snorkeling masks with the best snorkels and fins from the top store.  Good luck and enjoy what the ocean has in store for you.

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How to find time to exercise with your kids

When juggling a family, home and career at the same time it can =be overwhelming trying to find the time for everything. The truth is no matter what you do there will be things you just won’t have time. In the last year, I’ve had to give up a few pet projects like designing a new outdoor patio and a painting class which I took up over the summer. It sucks having to give up on the projects you care the most for but if you’re to ever get anything done you need to prioritize. For me, one thing I make an effort to not give up on is finding time for exercise with my kids.

I’ve been a fitness freak my whole life and believe that the key to a happy successful life is staying fit and active. It’s good not only for the body but also for the mind. I’m determined so that my kids will do the same and I’m happy to say they’re just as enthusiastic about it. It’s also a great chance to bond more and work towards a common goal. But that said, finding the time for a weekend bike trip or an afternoon at the swimming pool is easier said than done.


Keep an appointment

Once you’ve carved out some time you can spare mark it in your calendar and stick to it. Don’t try to find time for exercising, make it. By keeping to a set schedule you’ll also build a routine which will make it easier to stay on top of. When you know you’ll be free for an afternoon organize a bike ride, nature walk or whatever you’re into with your kids and stick to the plan.

Work with a personal trainer

If you’re really serious about keeping fit with your kids and feel like they’re up to it consider hiring a personal trainer. Having someone that can organize a routine that can play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses will make you all way more progressive and lead to better long term results. A personal trainer can also act as accountability so even when you won’t be seeing them this week you’ll be more committed to sticking with your routine for the next time you see them.

Find something you all enjoy

Exercise becomes a lot easier to stick with if you actually enjoy it. Find something that you and your kids can all enjoy and look forward to. If you have two or more kids that you want to take exercising then this may be a little difficult. Maybe you could try compromising by having one favored activity by one child on a certain day and a different favored activity by your other child on another day. Doing something you all enjoy will keep you all motivated and lead to the exercise being a reward in itself.

Whatever you do or when try to keep it fun and use it as a chance to bond with your kids. As you all progress you’ll each motivate each other and make the whole family much healthier.

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Why I hire a dog walker for our family dog

Your dog will always be there for you when you need some attention but it can be difficult always being there for them. If you’re finding yourself too busy with work or personal obligations, and can’t find enough time for walking your dog, then maybe you should hire a dog walker.

While I love to get out with the kids and our beautiful Labrador for a walk when we can, a busy work and life schedule mean it often gets postponed indefinitely. The longer a dog goes without a walk the more agitated they get and after just a few days you could tell ours was practically bursting to get out and run. Dismayed at what to do, a friend recommended a Toronto based dog walking service. I hated having to entrust our dog to strangers but with no other options available I decided to go for it. It’s been just over two months now and I can’t be happier with the results. We still head out with our pouch whenever we can but it’s good to know someone is available to walk him when needed. Spud, that’s our dog, is also thrilled to be out and about more. He’s gained the most from this arrangement as you’ll see.

More healthy

Dogs need to get out as often as possible and exercise a bit. Veterinarians recommend most dogs, depending on size, should get at least 30min of exercise a day. This keeps them fit, healthy and also much happier.

More socialization

Beyond just the need for exercise, a dog also needs new stimulation. They’re exposed to far more new smells, tastes and sights on a walk than they ever would at home. They also get to socialize with other dogs which make them happier and stress-free. Without any socialization, a dog can become more aggressive or shy when they meet strangers in the future.

Less stress

Having your dog walked by a professional handler when needed not only reduces their stress but also your own. Since hiring a professional dog walker our whole family has been feeling less anxiety over the daily task of dog walking and our dog has been feeling the difference as well. He’s happier when he gets home, more playful and is much healthier than before when it might have only gotten 2-3 walks a week. My family and I are also feeling the good vibes and can structure or time better now that this is taken care of.

Better behavior

When our dog Spud would go too long without any walks or new stimulation you could tell pretty fast. Sometimes he would growl, wander in circles around the door and on one occasion even started knowing at the furniture. Getting him out and moving regularly means he can spend all this pent-up energy and get new stimulation which makes him happier and less anxious.

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Why mothers NEED to get regular massages

When you become pregnant almost everyone around you becomes an expert on pregnancy and childbirth. For all that good, or bad, advice few will give real advice on what to do after birth. Once you reach that mystical fourth trimester you’ll find yourself in a state of transition as you bond with your baby. After having gone through the struggles of childbirth you’ll feel exhausted and now you have a beautiful new person to take care of.  This can be a very tiring time for you as you struggle through disrupted schedules, lack of sleep and seeing to every need of your newborn. You’ll find yourself so busy that you may neglect your own health and well-being. when struggling to make this transition to a new lifestyle you need to take care of yourself as well, otherwise, those first few months of childrearing can adversely affect your health. One way that can help is regular massage therapy.

Massage therapy isn’t just good for relaxation. Athletes have them regularly to help with muscle recovery and flexibility. By making massage therapy a regular part of your lifestyle you can claim a lot of benefits which will boost your health and well-being over time. Massage therapists like Adam Harris can help you get through this new moment in your life and do it while maintaining your health.

Increased energy

After childbirth, your energy levels will be at an all-time low. Combined with lack of sleep and learning how to care for a newborn you’ll find yourself struggling to get by on your low energy levels. Massage therapy is a natural way to boost your energy levels through increased blood and oxygen circulation through your body.

Better sleep

Massage therapy can relax your body and release any pent-up tension. When our bodies are too tensed up from a tiring day it can make it difficult to sleep and get the rest you need. Sleep deprivation tends to go hand in hand with motherhood so make a weekly massage part of your schedule to loosen up your muscles and improve your sleep cycle.

Boost your immune system

Studies have been carried out which show that regular massage therapy can boost your immune system. When you’re a new mother nothing can be worse than a cold. Massage can increase the number of white blood cells in your body and help you stay healthier and stronger thanks to better circulation.


Taking care of a newborn can be a wonderful life changing experience but it can also be a physical and mentally draining one. With so much to do it’s easy to forget about yourself. Too much time without relaxation can affect your moods and well-being. With a nice massage, each week you can allow yourself time to relax and enjoy some me time.

These are just some of the benefits massage therapy can bring. For new mothers, it shouldn’t be overlooked as an unnecessary luxury. Just one massage session a week can reap huge benefits in the long run.

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Why you should take your children to the dentist frequently

Parents are responsible for their children and their well-being from the day they are born to the day they grow to an adult. It is especially important for parents to keep their children’s hygiene and teach them the value of personal care even at a young age.

This is extremely important because kids should develop habits and an attitude to take care of their body all the time. It becomes an even more difficult task because generally kids will be kids and just play their way through life without the care in the world.

For most parents, dental hygiene is one of the most difficult personal care habits to teach their children. It is a simple thing to do which can be easily neglected by a child when they’re going about their business of being a, well, kid.

A pediatric dentist comes into play in these situations. These types of dentists not only know how to administer procedures to keep your child’s dental health in check. They also know how to handle a child inside a clinic that allows them to administer dental exams and treatments.

A parent need not be nervous when sending their children to the dentist because it has long term benefits when they finish the check-up or procedure. However, not all parents know how frequently to send their child to the dentist. The following are suggestions on the frequency you should send your child to the dentist.

When Should Your Child’s First Visit to The Dentist Be?

A child’s first birthday is a good time to get them their first visit to a professional dentist. It allows them to be exposed to a dental clinic at an early age. This also allows the dentist to clean and prevent damage to a baby’s teeth while they’re young.

Your baby’s dentist can also perform a check on how the mouth, teeth, and jaw is developing to address issues early on. Finally, the dentist will give dental advice to the parents so that they can take proper care of their children’s teeth.

Dental Care for Children

A baby should get their first check-up as soon as their first tooth comes out. It will help the dentist check the baby’s dental health at an early stage. The parents will also feel secure about the health of their baby from the start.

As they grow older, dentists advise parents to set appointments for their children twice a year for preventive measures to help their child’s dental health. These check-ups are aimed to check the condition of their teeth and gums as well as handing out proper oral care tips for kids.

Doing these things early means that you can build a home that has dental health as a priority. The regular check-ups will allow dentists to evaluate your child’s dental health properly and builds the child’s dental history which can be referred to once a dental emergency happens.

A dentist can also recommend preventive procedures to parents on children’s teeth which are susceptible to damage because of the amount of sweets and their common intake. The dentist can perform a thorough cleaning of your child’s teeth or identify hidden problems to prevent it from growing bigger in the future.

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How i chose my Wedding DJ

A wedding requires almost a bazillion things to plan and organize. Choosing the DJ for your wedding reception is one of the big ones. The reception occupies about half the day and will be the event most guests will remember so it’s worth putting some serious thought into how to make the night as memorable as possible. In this post, you’ll learn just that, what questions to ask yourself when choosing your wedding DJ.

Consider your Budget

Don’t be tempted to go for a DJ just because there cheap. DJ’s are just like anything, you get what you pay for. A qualified DJ with experience hosting events will know how to set how to set up in your chosen venue to give maximum performance. Additionally, they’ll be able to play a wider range of music to fit whatever your tastes are. A wedding DJ who has a reputation for being good at their job will be highly recommended by all local wedding venues and suppliers. This means they’ll usually be booked out months in advance so their prices will be higher. For example, DJ Krista is one of the top event DJ’s in Vancouver so expect a price tag to meet demand.

Use Referrals

A DJ’s reputation still travels largely by word of mouth. When was the last time you were at a performance that really impressed you? If you can’t think of any then asked trusted friends about any local event DJ’s they’d recommend. It’s always best to go with a DJ that a friend or family member has seen themselves in action. The management at your chosen venue for the reception will also be able to offer great recommendations.

Meet and Interview your DJ

Once you’ve got a few referrals and thought about your budget arrange to meet a few face to face. This is the only way to get a feel for what they are really like and decide if they’re up to the job. You want a DJ that is easy to work with, knows what you want and can adapt easily as the night progresses. Just be sure to ask them the right questions and get all the information you’ll need. Experience will show here allowing you to sort the good from the mediocre.

Think about the Music you’ll want for each Moment

A wedding reception requires different music for each moment of the night. If you want to get everyone involved think about what sort of music you’ll need. You might go for a slow opening as guests arrive or have the reception start with a bang. This is probably the most fun part of planning the reception and if the DJ is experienced enough they’ll have an answer for all your questions of what music to fit each moment. Find music that will appeal to all age groups. A good DJ will be able to easily adjust to the demands of the crowd.

Most importantly go with your instincts. If you find a DJ that appeals to your tastes then go for it even if they’re not well known. It will be a personal choice in the end so go with your gut.

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Immigration Medical Exam: Here is How My Husband Prepared for the it

Planning to migrate? If you are, there are a lot of things you have to prepare for. Depending on the country you plan to stay, there are specific requirements you need to complete and examinations to pass. It is a tedious process, so you really have to prepare for it.

Medical Examination

One important process an applicant for an immigrant status to pass is the Medical Exam. This is done to ensure public’s safety and health. Most countries are trying to eradicate communicable diseases and to safeguard the turf, any individual who wishes to enter a certain country must not carry any communicable disease that will endanger the lives of the citizens.

Now for the process, a series of tests are done, like a tuberculin skin test. According to my husband, this determines if you have tuberculosis. If an applicant is positive, an x-ray is done for confirmation. Next will be the physical exam, a certified doctor will do a whole body check up, including the genital area to assess for any sexually transmitted diseases that the individual may not be aware of.

A medical history is also obtained to know any other condition such as mental illness, drug abuse and other related diseases. Certain vaccines are also administered as a requisite before migrating to a specific country. These are vaccines include Hepatitis A and B, Influenza, Measles, Meningococcal and Pnemococcal, Pertussis, Mumps, Varicella, Rubella, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Rotavirus and Polio. Everyone is born to thrive and to guarantee this, you must be healthy enough to pass the mandatory medical exam.

Physically Fit

The best way to guarantee that you will pass the immigration medical exam is to be physically fit. If you are healthy, you can avoid diseases caused by virus, bacteria, fungi etc., including tuberculosis. These organisms cannot thrive in a healthy body. The immune system will ward off disease causing organisms, making you fit for the exam. It is a good thing that my husband is really into fitness and healthy living.

Thrive fitness is a way to a healthy physique. My husband usually says that you should not just do this to pass the immigration requirements, but do it for over-all well being. It is more than just passing an exam, it is a lifestyle – to achieve it, you must get into the  healthy habit of eating the right kind of food – a balance diet catered to your body caloric needs.  You must also engage in an active lifestyle. Do routine cardio exercises and weight lifting programs. Seek for a professional help, a personal trainer made me a better mom and surely, he will also assist you to achieve not only to appear externally toned and sexy, but internally healthy as well.

To pass an immigration medical exam is compulsory to move to a country of your choice, but bear in mind that a healthy body is compulsory to live a life. Focus on achieving a healthy physique and no matter where you chose to live, surely, you will enjoy it and have the time of your life.

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Health Tips for Fellow Bloggers

If you’re a “Mommy Blogger” who came into the world of computers with little prior experience like myself, then chances are you have already learned a lot of unexpected, yet valuable, lessons through your own experience. Most of these lessons help you save time, become more efficient with posting, or simply provide a better understanding of blogging in general. These experience rarely affect your pwn physical health, but I recently have been bothered by an issue that I was successful in resolving, and I would like to share my experience.

Computers and Personal Health

When I first started to spend more time blogging, I found myself to finally be relieved of the physical demands placed upon me by children. As they have grown and become more independent, my newfound free time allowed me to pursue my hobby in a relaxed manner, something that was long overdue. Surprisingly, after about 8-10 months of blogging and doing research online, I noticed I was becoming sore a lot, and I often had this burning feeling in my wrists. I figured it was simply because my muscles had gotten tired and needed a rest, but turns out it was something else entirely.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I finally went to the doctor in hopes of a quick fix. Turns out I have something called carpal tunnel syndrome. At first, I was really worried, but the doctor reassured me that it was a very common ailment that could be easily addressed in lots of situations, particularly mine, as I didn’t wait too long to get it checked out.

Briefly, carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve problem, not an issue with the only the muscles. All of the muscles and nerves that go from the arm to the hand pass through a passageway called the carpal tunnel. This tunnel is pretty small, so if things become inflamed, the nerve becomes compressed, which is where the burning and pain comes from.

This is really common for people who work a lot on computers. The constant typing and extension of the wrist will eventually constrict the carpal tunnel, leading to this common syndrome. It’s very gradual, but once it becomes pronounced, it can really hurt, and for me, stopped me from working on this site altogether.

What Can You Do About It?

I was relieved to hear that all my hard work on this blog wouldn’t come to a stop! Fortunately, there are some really good carpal tunnel braces out there that can relieve the pain almost instantly, allowing you to continue typing away. The one thing to be careful of is to not become too reliant on the brace, as it doesn’t actually treat the issue, it just provides temporary pain relief. To treat the issue, often times exercises, medications, or even surgery is required, but nevertheless, I’m only writing this today because of the brace.

In my experience of shopping for these braces, I also learned that arthritis in the hand is also common for those who type a lot. I don’t have this problem, but I know my own mother would not be able to type on a keyboard because of her arthritis, so it got me looking around for something to help with that as well. Turns out there are some really cheap and comfy gloves you can get to help with that. I’ve seen them, and they fit really nicely and don’t hinder typing, but I can’t speak to their effectiveness. I know this isn’t overly helpful, but it’s something I know I’ll have to use eventually, so I just wanted to pass that information along in case it can help anyone who reads this.

At the end of the day, you never know when a health problem will arise, but knowing how to get the best help can go a long way. I hope you never have to call upon my own experience, but if you do, I hope it helps! Take care.

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Why Nurses are Important for Kids

As a parent, you always wanted to make sure that our kids are safe and in good health. However, as much as we don’t want it to, because of their vulnerability, our young ones are still gets sick. And when that happens, we have no choice but to bring them to the doctor.


As you know, kids are scared of visiting a doctor. They’ll definitely want to run away the moment they see pediatric stethoscopes. In times like that, do you know that nurses are the best ones to be there to take care of your kids and make them feel good and comfortable? You might not have noticed it, but every time you bring your kid to the hospital, nurses spend more time in checking and caring for your kid than the doctor itself.

Caring for the kids

Kids are vulnerable and they need to feel that things won’t hurt. Nurses in most cases are acting like a mother for their young patients. They are the ones who provide direct care to the kids. That’s the reason why they also need to be gentle and nice. Kids will definitely feel comfortable if they see that the one caring for them looks nice and tender.

When kids are sick, they always look for the motherly touch, and most nurses can definitely give that. For instance, having them take their meds can be hard. Kids hate taking medicines. But with a good nurse on his side, taking the meds will never be a problem. That same goes when changing the gauze, cleaning cuts and even doing therapy routines. You’ll then notice how your kid follows the nurse’s instruction more than yours.

Nurses are important

medsIn most instances, we see nurses as the doctor’s assistant. We don’t really take some time to realize that nurses are really important, especially if we have kids. They were tagged as assistants, but they can definitely be your best friend when your kid is sick. They are the front liners in giving the kind of health care that the patients’ need. It’s probably the best time to give them the best credit they deserve.

At schools, nurses are also important. They are the ones who take care of the student’s health, give advices, and monitor health and wellbeing of the kids. Their roles are much wider than you know of. They need to see to it that the kids are in good conditions at all times. Checking if the area is conducive enough to keep the students safe and protected.

The for instance if giving importance to nurses and other health practitioners who are giving so much for their patients.  In that case, they also need to take care of themselves. Offering the best kind of health service to the public, especially to the kids is definitely fulfilling. Yet they don’t normally get the recognition that they deserve. Maybe it’s time for us to recognize them. And the next time you visit a clinic or a hospital, don’t forget to say thank you to the best nurse who took care of your kid.








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