Man’s New Best Friend? The Bearded Dragon

bearded dragon handled

Dog is man’s best friend. Off course, all of us know that. And the greatest proof of that is the huge number of people who love dogs that much.  However, with all the animals in the animal kingdom, is there any candidate to be called as a new man’s best friend? Recently, more and more Continue Reading

How a Personal Trainer Changed My Life

The Struggle All my life I have been struggling with my weight, I never experienced being physically fit until now. My childhood was marred by the trauma and emotional torture caused by bullying because I was too fat, I think huge is much more appropriate. Due to this I had low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and Continue Reading

Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make in Managing Social Media

With the advanced technology that we have nowadays, the World Wide Web has indeed become a vital marketing tool for both big companies and small businesses. The use of social media is now a part of every marketing strategy there is. It is true that social media is beneficial in boosting the reach of products Continue Reading