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Ruby was a woman who was living in the United States with her three very loving children. For a job she used to work as a freelancer social media manger. She was a very loving mother and a devoted wife. During her free time she enjoyed running and blogging. However her husband was never with her as he had a job away from her. This is where life started teaching her lessons which she had never learn. Life’s lessons are always learn the hard way.

The People One Loses Will Always Remain a Part of You

baby-17351_1920Each one of us must face the harsh reality of life that life is not forever. One has to depart from this world and enter a new world. Once learns the reality of loss, life goes on as days turn into nights and months into years. One has to learn to live with the gaping hole in one’s life. The heart breaks open when you know that you have to live life all alone. When you love someone deeply you cannot imagine living life without that person. The broken heart will never fully heal back but the memories will bring tears to the eyes. It is like a badly bruised ankle which does get healed but one will never be able to dance the same way that one used to. The slight limp will remain for life.

Search for Happiness

kid-1241817_1920Running after happiness is not the same as being happy. When the sun shines the smile comes on the face and there is no harm in basking under the sun. Moments of happiness are great, but as time pass so does the happiness. What one is actually searching is for a meaningful life rather than just happiness. When you know what you are doing then happiness comes most naturally. When one loves the job he is doing the happiness is even greater.

Never Regret Because That is Worse Than Fear.

smiley-1363093_1920We are human and so we are bound to make mistakes. There is no escape from this and also no place for regret. Life’s lessons are taught and leant the hard way. When we risk losing it is only then we have the possibility to win.. Whether it is running a marathon or quitting a job they all require risk, sacrifice and struggle..when one looks back at life one feels happy when one can say “ I am happy that I tried’ rather than ending up saying “ I wish that I had tried” It is a waste spending one’s life only regretting but it is better to look ahead and love life. It is better to take risks because then one has the passion to live.

Never be Rigid in Life

california-106943_1920Life has many unexpected turns and twists so it is good never to be rigid. Soon one will understand that life is not gift wrapped the way one wants it to be. Having a positive outlook and an open mind will make one find life easier to live.

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