How Hiring a Personal Trainer Made me a Better Mom

I have a lovely home.  I am a working mom.  My husband works all day and we have three lovely kids to take care of.  My husband has proposed hiring a person to stay at home with us and help us with the cleaning.  I mean, there are few things that I would love more than coming home from work to a clean house.  But with three boys wrecking havoc, this is just a dream.

On the other hand, I feel I would be very uncomfortable having a stranger at home all day, sleeping under my roof and eating at my table.  So, it is pretty hectic.

I probably can count them with the fingers on my hand, but I can recall times in which I was so stressed that I yelled at my kids.  Yes, I know we have all been there but I still felt terrible about it.

Then I started to go to the gym.  Somehow, I managed to make time for myself and go work out.  Now, I saw that some of the gym-goers had personal trainers to help them.  So I felt the need to get myself one.  I thought it would help me aim towards a goal.  But surprisingly, it helped me way more than that.

Now, on the title I state how this personal training helped me become a better mom.  Crazy, right?  But it did and I am pretty sure it can do the same to you.


A personal trainer taught me about being disciplined in working out.  Just like you, there were times in which I felt like quitting.  But my personal trainer took at his job to keep me motivated.  I passed this on to my kids and helped them stay motivated at what they do.  My eldest son was having issues with Math in school.  I remember passing on the same pep talk my trainer gave to me.


Not only did my personal trainer help me set a goal, but it also helped me do the same with my kids.  I explained to them how those who set themselves goals are more likely to succeed.


Knowing that you are aiming towards a goal and working hard to get there creates this sense of satisfaction in you.  This helped me stay with a smile on my face.  It changed my persona and attitude, even towards the mess that my home was sometimes.  I felt that I was more cheerful and understanding of my kids.  It even improved my life with my husband.

So I will strongly recommend that, if you are a mom, get yourself into the healthy structure of having a personal coach guide you through your fitness endeavors.  You will not regret it.  Not only I feel I am a better mom, but also a better person.  There is this sense of fullness that I can hardly find words to explain.  Now, you go and give it a try.


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