How to find time to exercise with your kids

When juggling a family, home and career at the same time it can =be overwhelming trying to find the time for everything. The truth is no matter what you do there will be things you just won’t have time. In the last year, I’ve had to give up a few pet projects like designing a new outdoor patio and a painting class which I took up over the summer. It sucks having to give up on the projects you care the most for but if you’re to ever get anything done you need to prioritize. For me, one thing I make an effort to not give up on is finding time for exercise with my kids.

I’ve been a fitness freak my whole life and believe that the key to a happy successful life is staying fit and active. It’s good not only for the body but also for the mind. I’m determined so that my kids will do the same and I’m happy to say they’re just as enthusiastic about it. It’s also a great chance to bond more and work towards a common goal. But that said, finding the time for a weekend bike trip or an afternoon at the swimming pool is easier said than done.


Keep an appointment

Once you’ve carved out some time you can spare mark it in your calendar and stick to it. Don’t try to find time for exercising, make it. By keeping to a set schedule you’ll also build a routine which will make it easier to stay on top of. When you know you’ll be free for an afternoon organize a bike ride, nature walk or whatever you’re into with your kids and stick to the plan.

Work with a personal trainer

If you’re really serious about keeping fit with your kids and feel like they’re up to it consider hiring a personal trainer. Having someone that can organize a routine that can play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses will make you all way more progressive and lead to better long term results. A personal trainer can also act as accountability so even when you won’t be seeing them this week you’ll be more committed to sticking with your routine for the next time you see them.

Find something you all enjoy

Exercise becomes a lot easier to stick with if you actually enjoy it. Find something that you and your kids can all enjoy and look forward to. If you have two or more kids that you want to take exercising then this may be a little difficult. Maybe you could try compromising by having one favored activity by one child on a certain day and a different favored activity by your other child on another day. Doing something you all enjoy will keep you all motivated and lead to the exercise being a reward in itself.

Whatever you do or when try to keep it fun and use it as a chance to bond with your kids. As you all progress you’ll each motivate each other and make the whole family much healthier.

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