I love snorkeling, but I wear glasses… How do i do it?

Ah, seems like a big pickle loving snorkeling and wearing glasses, isn’t it?  Well, not really.  True, you cannot go into the water with glasses and snorkeling mask.  You have to be able to see if you are going to get inside the water.  Both to enjoy the adventure properly and to stay safe.

There are different ways though, to help you see through your snorkeling mask without a problem.  You might not want to try wearing your glasses with a snorkeling mask.  Remember that your glasses should be at a certain distance from your eyes and a snorkeling mask will push them closer to your eyes.

Wear Prescription Masks

One way to being able to see clearly in water is to get prescription masks.  You need to visit your optician and prescribe you masks with your optical measurements.  Basically, you will get a snorkeling mask prescribed specifically for you.

You could also take a regular lens mask and have your optician change the mask’s original lenses with your proper measurement.  He could also add the augmentation required into the original lenses.

Opticians who can make a lens augmentation can usually do it for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and reading lenses.

Use Optical Masks

Granted, one of the downsides of getting prescription masks is that they are expensive.  If this is your case, you can still find optical masks.  Just like you can go to a store and find glasses with different-graduation lenses, it is the same with these masks.

They might not be made specifically for you but you can find a better match.  This is a much cheaper option and you still get to enjoy the adventure in a good measure.  Keep in mind that water has a natural rough 25% magnification so you should be fine.

Optical masks with pre-made lenses can cost you a little more than $100.  However, prescription masks can be as expensive as several hundred dollars.  It´s all a matter of what makes you more comfortable and how much are you willing (or can afford) to pay.

Contact Lenses

This seems to be the most obvious option for safe snorkeling.  One issue here is that not everyone is comfortable using contact lenses.  Besides this, you have to take extra care not to get the salty water into your eyes.  This might cause irritation to your eyes if sea water gets trapped between your eye and the lens.

Take your precautions if you go for contact lenses.  Always close your eyes when clearing your mask and always try to keep water off them.

Another risk associated with contact lenses is that they might get lost.  Either during the frenzy of coming in and out of the water or during storage in a boat or yacht, the tiny lenses can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Remember to always complement your snorkeling masks with the best snorkels and fins from the top store.  Good luck and enjoy what the ocean has in store for you.

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