Why I hire a dog walker for our family dog

Your dog will always be there for you when you need some attention but it can be difficult always being there for them. If you’re finding yourself too busy with work or personal obligations, and can’t find enough time for walking your dog, then maybe you should hire a dog walker.

While I love to get out with the kids and our beautiful Labrador for a walk when we can, a busy work and life schedule mean it often gets postponed indefinitely. The longer a dog goes without a walk the more agitated they get and after just a few days you could tell ours was practically bursting to get out and run. Dismayed at what to do, a friend recommended a Toronto based dog walking service. I hated having to entrust our dog to strangers but with no other options available I decided to go for it. It’s been just over two months now and I can’t be happier with the results. We still head out with our pouch whenever we can but it’s good to know someone is available to walk him when needed. Spud, that’s our dog, is also thrilled to be out and about more. He’s gained the most from this arrangement as you’ll see.

More healthy

Dogs need to get out as often as possible and exercise a bit. Veterinarians recommend most dogs, depending on size, should get at least 30min of exercise a day. This keeps them fit, healthy and also much happier.

More socialization

Beyond just the need for exercise, a dog also needs new stimulation. They’re exposed to far more new smells, tastes and sights on a walk than they ever would at home. They also get to socialize with other dogs which make them happier and stress-free. Without any socialization, a dog can become more aggressive or shy when they meet strangers in the future.

Less stress

Having your dog walked by a professional handler when needed not only reduces their stress but also your own. Since hiring a professional dog walker our whole family has been feeling less anxiety over the daily task of dog walking and our dog has been feeling the difference as well. He’s happier when he gets home, more playful and is much healthier than before when it might have only gotten 2-3 walks a week. My family and I are also feeling the good vibes and can structure or time better now that this is taken care of.

Better behavior

When our dog Spud would go too long without any walks or new stimulation you could tell pretty fast. Sometimes he would growl, wander in circles around the door and on one occasion even started knowing at the furniture. Getting him out and moving regularly means he can spend all this pent-up energy and get new stimulation which makes him happier and less anxious.

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