Why mothers NEED to get regular massages

When you become pregnant almost everyone around you becomes an expert on pregnancy and childbirth. For all that good, or bad, advice few will give real advice on what to do after birth. Once you reach that mystical fourth trimester you’ll find yourself in a state of transition as you bond with your baby. After having gone through the struggles of childbirth you’ll feel exhausted and now you have a beautiful new person to take care of.  This can be a very tiring time for you as you struggle through disrupted schedules, lack of sleep and seeing to every need of your newborn. You’ll find yourself so busy that you may neglect your own health and well-being. when struggling to make this transition to a new lifestyle you need to take care of yourself as well, otherwise, those first few months of childrearing can adversely affect your health. One way that can help is regular massage therapy.

Massage therapy isn’t just good for relaxation. Athletes have them regularly to help with muscle recovery and flexibility. By making massage therapy a regular part of your lifestyle you can claim a lot of benefits which will boost your health and well-being over time. Massage therapists like Adam Harris can help you get through this new moment in your life and do it while maintaining your health.

Increased energy

After childbirth, your energy levels will be at an all-time low. Combined with lack of sleep and learning how to care for a newborn you’ll find yourself struggling to get by on your low energy levels. Massage therapy is a natural way to boost your energy levels through increased blood and oxygen circulation through your body.

Better sleep

Massage therapy can relax your body and release any pent-up tension. When our bodies are too tensed up from a tiring day it can make it difficult to sleep and get the rest you need. Sleep deprivation tends to go hand in hand with motherhood so make a weekly massage part of your schedule to loosen up your muscles and improve your sleep cycle.

Boost your immune system

Studies have been carried out which show that regular massage therapy can boost your immune system. When you’re a new mother nothing can be worse than a cold. Massage can increase the number of white blood cells in your body and help you stay healthier and stronger thanks to better circulation.


Taking care of a newborn can be a wonderful life changing experience but it can also be a physical and mentally draining one. With so much to do it’s easy to forget about yourself. Too much time without relaxation can affect your moods and well-being. With a nice massage, each week you can allow yourself time to relax and enjoy some me time.

These are just some of the benefits massage therapy can bring. For new mothers, it shouldn’t be overlooked as an unnecessary luxury. Just one massage session a week can reap huge benefits in the long run.

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